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breast cancer survivors

Exercise for the breast cancer survivor
      – the case for resistance training and aerobic exercise

Get your shoulder back to work – Breast surgeries disrupt muscular balance in the shoulder and sometimes elsewhere. This can affect posture, reduce functionality, and cause pain. Resistance training can target the affected areas and help you get back to the activities of your life.

Rebuild muscle and be strong – Sarcopenia is accelerated in cancer patients by inactivity, chemotherapy and premature menopause. Progressive resistance training rebuilds muscle so you can be strong for life.

Reduce body fat – The same factors that reduce muscle mass in cancer survivors also encourage increased body fat. Excess body fat is a risk factor for many health issues. Both aerobic exercise and resistance training help reduce body fat.

Keep your bones strong – Chemotherapy may accelerate bone loss, especially if it induces premature menopause. Weight bearing exercise and resistance training help preserve bone density.

Gain energy and reduce nausea – Light to moderate aerobic activities boost energy and reduce treatment related nausea. The key is to work gradually, balancing exercise and rest.

Reduce likelihood of recurrence – Physical activity reduces recurrence, especially as your strength and endurance are increased so you can enjoy vigorous exercise.

National Cancer Institute Bulletin

Read Marilyn’s comments about exercise in the National Cancer Institute Bulletin:

"As a breast cancer survivor, part of my surviving is being active and involved. I enjoy most sports, especially volleyball. After multiple surgeries, I was quite concerned about my range of motion and upper body strength. I was introduced to Marilyn and her strength-training program. I must say, Marilyn knows her stuff! After just a few sessions, my range of motion had greatly improved. My core and upper body are stronger and I am able to play volleyball again. I highly recommend Marilyn to anyone who has gone through breast cancer surgery. Marilyn will create a program that meets your needs and makes you stronger." - Bobbi Fuller

"I really appreciate the personal attention and privacy of working with Marilyn. She understands the physical limitations caused by breast cancer treatment and helps you get back to feeling like yourself again! She takes the time to learn about your personal goals and designs an individual exercise program to help reach them. The studio is clean, comfortable and private!" - Cheryl Imlach


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Small Groups

Breast cancer survivors enjoy their own small group training times at Your Fitness Your Life. Focus on recovering your strength, balance and posture. 4-week class session - $59.

Register for upcoming sessions by contacting Marilyn directly at:
208 841 5433

Getting Started

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The Artful Bra Wall

Each year during breast cancer awareness month,The Boise Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure sponsors the Bra Walk in downtown Boise. Artful bras are created by local artists and displayed by downtown businesses. Each bra tells a story of survival, support and sisterhood.

Your Fitness Your Life has dedicated a wall of the studio to showcase our collection of Artful Bras from past Bra Walks.