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your fitness your life LLC

Personal training in Boise Idaho
      – for your sports and your life

  • Are you tired of gyms and trainers pushing rigid contracts and expensive supplements you don’t need?
  • Are you nervous that a personal trainer may not understand your orthopedic or health issues?
  • Are you done spending time and money on fads or false starts?

You’ve come to the right place to invest in your long-term health, fitness and sport performance.

Your Fitness Your Life is a small private personal training studio in downtown Boise. Our certified personal trainers focus on your goals; there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We provide science-based programs to meet your individual needs. Read about us for an introduction to each of the personal trainers.

Our services can include personal training exercise sessions, nutrition counseling, cardiovascular or strength exercise program design and/or lifestyle coaching. Plans are based your current fitness level and your goals for your sports, recreation and health. Click on a tab on the left to learn more about your area of interest.

A custom-tailored program just for you

Each trainer serves a limited number of clients. This allows our trainers the necessary time to plan your individualized program and answer your questions. Our trainers often spend a significant amount time on client programs outside of the actual appointment so that your time here at the studio is as efficient as possible.

Specialized expertise for your unique needs and goals

We’ll match you with the trainer whose specialty training will best serve your individual needs and goals. Some clients benefit from scheduling time with more than one trainer. In this case our trainers work together to provide a coordinated program to support your goals.

Trainers who give you their very best attention

We don’t schedule ourselves back to back all day as you may see in some training environments. Over scheduling leads to cookie cutter workouts because the trainer doesn’t have time to prepare individualized programs. We set up our schedule differently, so we can best serve you! We also believe your trainer shouldn’t have a glazed-over, burned-out look when you come through our door.

Individual and group programs are available

Most of our training sessions are individual. However, buddies and small groups can create a motivational environment. This arrangement works best when all of you have similar needs and goals. If you have a buddy or a group of friends interested in training together we will take the time to interview each of you and confirm that your goals are compatible and any individual limitations or strengths can be addressed in a group setting.

Getting Started

We offer a complimentary Discovery Session. Through this 20-30 minute phone call or in-person interview you will:

  • Get clarity about the health or fitness challenge you are facing
  • Decide how we can help you meet this challenge
  • Schedule your assessment appointment and training sessions with the appropriate trainer

Get StartedAnswer a few quick questions and hit send. We’ll get back to you with the next available opening for your FREE Discovery Session.


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